Position Sizing

Hello All,

This script can be used for Position Sizing.

After you entered Capital you have, how much you can Risk per Trade, Profit and Stoploss Levels, it calculates Number of Buys/Sells, Position Size and Reward/Risk ratio. you need to choose one of "Long" or "Short" position you will take.

Number of Buys formula = Capital * RiskPerTrade / Loss

Position Size = NumberOfBuys * EntryPrice

Reward / Risk rate = (TargetPrice - EntryPrice) / (EntryPrice - StoplossPrice)


릴리즈 노트: fixed
릴리즈 노트: Added "Use Decimal" option for the securities which you can buy less than 1 of it, such btc, eth etc. so if you need decimals, enable "Use Decimal"
릴리즈 노트: fixed: even if the risk per trade is higher than enough, Position Size should not be higher than the Capital.
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Super stuff, thanks !
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Nice one. Would be good to have digits for position sizing if e.g. BTC is more worth than the portfolio, the position sizing should have a few digits
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@tg1crypto, Thanks for the comment, gonna check it
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@tg1crypto, added "Use Decimal" option ;)
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Awesome stuff boss.
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Boss, that display template in not coming. anything to check?
rajmodi39 rajmodi39
thank you very much, you are just a master👍👍👍
no source code was disclosed?
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