Bolton-Tremblay Index

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The Bolton-Tremblay Index (BOLTR) is a dynamic cumulative advance-decline indicator which incorporates the count of unchanged issues as a fundamental element. This index serves as a valuable tool for identifying shifts in market trends and gauging the overall strength or weakness of the market. To enhance its effectiveness and reveal underlying trends, BOLTR has been refined through a Heiken-Ashi transformation, resulting in a smoother and more insightful representation.

Calculation and Methodology:

r = (adv - dec) / unch

var float bt = na
bt := r > 0 ? nz(bt[1]) + math.sqrt(math.abs(r)) : nz(bt[1]) - math.sqrt(math.abs(r))

The BOLTR index is derived from a calculation involving three essential components: advancing issues (ADV), declining issues (DEC), and securities with unchanged closing prices (UNC). By formulating the ratio (ADV - DEC) / UNC, BOLTR captures the relationship between market movements and unchanged securities. This ratio then dictates whether the BOLTR index increases or decreases in the following period. If the ratio is positive, the index advances, and if negative, it retreats. This iterative process yields a cumulative index that reflects the evolving dynamics of market trends.

Heiken-Ashi Transformation:
The addition of a Heiken-Ashi transformation imparts a smoothing effect to the BOLTR index, revealing the underlying trend with greater clarity. This transformation diminishes noise and fluctuations, making it easier to identify meaningful shifts in market sentiment and overall market health.

Utility and Use Cases:
-The Bolton-Tremblay Index offers a range of applications that contribute to informed decision-making-

1. Trend Analysis: BOLTR provides insights into the changing trends of the market, helping traders and investors identify potential shifts in market sentiment.
2. Market Strength Assessment: By considering advancing, declining, and unchanged issues, BOLTR offers a comprehensive assessment of market strength and potential weaknesses.
3. Divergences: Traders can use BOLTR to detect divergences between price movements and the cumulative advance-decline dynamics, potentially signaling shifts in market direction.

The Bolton-Tremblay Index offers a versatile toolset for interpreting market trends, evaluating market health, and making better informed trading decisions.

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Improved code methodology.
Added XAX .
릴리즈 노트:
improved methodology, added support for plot export to new SuperTrend ToolKit

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