Donchian Channels [Gu5]


I changed the design of the classic indicator "Donchian Channels", for easy reading.


Donchian Channels is an indicator made up of upper and lower bands around a mid-band or Basis.
The upper band marks the highest price of a security for N periods, while the lower band marks the lowest price of a security for N periods. The area between the upper and lower bands.

In this version, when there are new Higher High (HH), the trend is Bullish and the channel is painted green.
When there are new Lower Low (LL), the trend is Bearish and the channel is painted Red


A plus in this script: When there are no new highs or new lows, there is no certain trend
The channel is painted yellow


Menu "Display"
 • '■ Basis On/Off': Shows the midline Basis
 • '■ Alert On/Off': Shows alerts labels
 • '■ Fill On/Off': Paint the entire channel the color of the trend
 • '■ Bar Color On/Off': Paint the candle the color of the trend
 • '■ Close Alert On/Off': Shows alerts end of trend

This code was written using the recommendations from the Pine Script™ User Manual's Style Guide

You can use the "Basis" line as Trailing Stop.

Donchian Channels developed by Richard Donchian
and many MANY thanks to @PineCoders

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