Automated OHLC OLHC Levels

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A simple, clean, effective visualization tool, for the OHLC or OLHC of a chosen candle/timeframe.

Apply this indicator using a higher timeframe, in conjunction with other levels and the directional bias, to easily recognize trading opportunities at lower timeframes.
릴리즈 노트:
New feature - Alerts!
3 new options are available in the indicator settings to create alerts when there is a new High, Low or Open. These work as follows:
- New High/Low Alerts, will give 1 alert per candle of the current chart timeframe, so if your indicator is showing a daily candle, and you are on the 15m timeframe, you will get one alert per 15m candle, as soon as that candle creates a new high/low.
- New Open alerts, will give an alert everytime a new candle on the indicator source timeframe is created, so if the indicator is showing daily candles, you will get an alert on creation of a new daily candle/open price.

Feedback welcomed, and always - thank you for your support.
릴리즈 노트:
Added an option to view OHLC of previous candles/bars, instead of just the current candle. These still work with the alerts, so if prices reaches the previous candle high or low the alert will trigger.
Improved the functionality and drawings on timescales less than 1 minute.

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