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Monitor all SPDR Index Funds in one location! The purpose of this indicator is to review which sectors are trend up vs down to better manage risk against SPY, other funds and/or individual stocks.

With this indicator it may become more apparent which sectors to begin investment in that are at lows compared to others, or use it to determine which stocks may be undervalued or overvalued against SPY.

There is a small table at the bottom where each fund symbol is presented along with it's mode value, last period change as well as last period volume - there's a tooltip that shows the description for each symbol for a quick reminder.

Review the configuration pane where:
  • Individual funds can have their visibility toggled
  • Change funds colors
  • Adjust display mode for each fund (SMA, EMA, VWMA, BBW, Change, ATR, VWAP - many more!)

Some presentation modes may look better on some timeframes vs others, adjust lengths and use anchor point for VWAP.

Future updates may bring about new features, I have some code organization and refactoring to do but wanted to share the idea anyways.

Feel free to drop any suggestions for feature enhancement and I hope it brings success to many, enjoy.
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Huge update to the SPDR Tracker

Bug fix: added missing XLP (sorry!)

1) Added HMA, KCW, WPR, ROC, ADR, COG, CMO, DEV, ALMA indicators
2) Added chart symbol to tracker display for easy comparison
3) Added table style option for vertical or horizontal display
4) Certain indicators will now toggle additional supportive plots for RSI, MFI, ROC, CCI, etc.

More to come, thanks and enjoy!

@tradeseekers (YouTube, Twitter)
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