Supertrend MTF LAG ISSUE

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This script based on
we all use Super trend but it main issue is the lag as it buy too late or sell too late
using Deavaet study of Heat map MTF we can do a little trick
if you look on his study you can see that major signal for example will happen in the time frame before it happen at larger time frame
so in this example if signal at MTF 30 min and signal at MTF 60 min happen at the same time at 2 hours or 4 hours candles then this signal are more likely to be true then random signal at each time frame specific.
since we use shorter time frame on larger time frame we can remove the lag issue that make supertrend not so effective

In this example I set the signal to be MTF 30 +60 om 2 hour TF , can be good also for 4 hour candles..
So you get the signal to close inside the larger candle

now if you want to make on even shorter TF then change the code to 15 and 30 MTF on candles on 1 hour
or 1 and 5 min on 30 min or 15 min
Aug 29
릴리즈 노트: By suggestion of original author of heatmap (our one and only Daveat :) ) I try to put his suggestion to avoid repaint issue
let me know if it work or not..
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Hi im impress with your ideas how can i use this?
Great!!! I might just try using your script in conjunction with my "PRISM Signals" (base on a scoring algorithm of pSAR-derived oscillator + pSAR-based RSI/Stochs & Momentum/Acceleration/Jerk analysis) for my trades as see how well that goes! :)

Here's an overlay of your strategy marked by the giant triangles, vs. my PRISM Signals' "B" and "S" signals.

Only feedback might be to reduce the size of the triangles, or allow users to set the size as they wish. :)

PRISM Signals

PRISM Oscillators
RafaelZioni cybernetwork
@cybernetwork, the code is open so one can change it as he wish , the whole idea of the script is just to capture those candles that able to make change in two lower TF at same time when you put it on larger tf , so in basic such changes are more true as it need strong momentum force for this to happen + it reduce the lag issue . I use this script on 1 hour candles. so by the same principle you can use this logic to any other buy and sell system to reduce the lag issue and detect changes which are more true . so the size of the signal is just cosmetic . so with any indicator you can create heatmap and to try to apply this method. as the big changes will start in the lower tf and then spread as a wave to the larger tf..if the wave force is strong then the signal will be stronger if two or more tf say the same
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cybernetwork RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, Thanks for the info RafaelZioni.
Your code performs better than mine at smaller time frames! :)
Will be testing it out.

I understand the suggestion about the triangles is merely cosmetic, but it was the only suggestion I have from the POV of a "user".
But might try to custom my own version for my own use when I've the time again. :D
First of all , thank u so much for providing it ....

Can u plz guide me how can i use it for 1 min or 5 min chart ? as i am unable to understand where we have to make changes for applying this indicator on 1 min chart
"now if you want to make on even shorter TF then change the code to 15 and 30 MTF on candles on 1 hour
or 1 and 5 min on 30 min or 15 min "
"we all use Super trend but it main issue is the lag as it buy too late or sell too late"

Main Issue is Re-Painting, like the most scripts. What about this one?
@pale81, yep you are correct, the main script done by deaveat so I did not change it , I need to figure away to solve it
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Daveatt RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, I'm being good sport here
The "repaint" issue comes from the security function security(syminfo.tickerid, "30", Trend). You need to add the lookhead=on field to remove the repainting issue
@Daveatt, ok thanks
Hi, thank you for your work
code 1 and 5 on TF 30min repaints..
Any way to solve the repaint issue?
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