[CM]EMA Trend Cross STRAT


Hello everybody! I was curious and wanted to see how the Strat described in one of the modules would look coded. So here we are, a clear cut visual representation of the methods talked about in the course from the EMA Module. Enjoy!

Whenever the 8,13,21 all cross above the 55ema that constitutes a long signal.
On the flip side, whenever the 8,13,21 all cross below the 55ema that constitutes a short signal.
This indicator shows the cross described in the TA program using the EMAS 8,13,21,55.

The Ema's are editable.(Color)

It plots the entry and exit parameters.

This allows for a more visual representation of the ideology described in the course.

This indicator also doesn't leave room for ambiguity in terms of where a cross happens.

The EMA's can be toggled to show certain ones at certain times.

The indicator can be used as a trend analysis tool.

***In terms of an exit, I find it to be better to use your own judgement, taking account the greater trend.

For example, in a bull market I would advise looking for long signals, rather than try to hop on a counter trend play. Vice Versa in a bear market. It's better for jumping in to the greater momentum.

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