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I love Williams %R! This indicator mixes two %R periods... a standard %R with a longer period %R. The longer period of 112 has interesting results for trend following strategies in the crypto market through backtesting.

Alone these are fairly ordinary but together they provide a very interesting trend exhaustion/reversal system while filtering out some noise. I have highlighted key areas of interest with filled boxes. An "area of interest" is when there is confluence between the short and long period %R values along with being overbought or oversold. Once there is a break in the overbought or oversold trend, an arrow will print.

This is one of my odder ideas that appears to have some merit and detects interesting tops or bottoms (or confirms a trend reversal) so I'm publicly publishing for the community to find. If you find this useful please reach out and let me know how you use it as it's fairly unique... and thus different than anything I've ever seen or used.
릴리즈 노트:
Based on positive reaction within community I made a few improvements to the script. This includes an experimental bull/bear cross, better documenting of the plot values and settings, adjustment of the z-index values, and an experimental difference plot (dig into the settings).

  • Adjusted default smoothing value of 3 for the slow signal to reduce noise (previously no smoothing was default)
  • Crossover dot plotting (bullish and bearish experimental)
  • Adjustable triangle plot locations so indicator can be used as overlay on wavetrend or other indicator
  • Fixed z-index for elements
  • Difference plotting (default is turned off)

Hooray! ❄️ Happy Holidays ❄️
릴리즈 노트:
A couple quick settings/display changes in v1.3 suggested by a friend so elements can be more easily disabled and then used as overlay on wavetrend or other tool of your choice. This indicator is still one of my favorite reversal confirmation signals.
릴리즈 노트:
Introducing version 2.0 with a HUGE series of updates I have been sitting on for quite a long time and kept meaning to publish but just never got around to doing.
  • It's prettier with gradient colors as oscillators near OB/OS zones
  • Multiple display modes, allowing the user to easily overlay script on other oscillators, candles, or use as a standalone oscillator.
  • An easy all in one alert system
  • Misc performance/code improvements thanks to @jason5480 and a few other friends who offered valuable input
  • Support for entry signal generation into @jason5480's absolutely incredible backtesting engine "Template Trailing Strategy"

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