[BT] - ScalpMaster [ALERTS] v1

Go easy on this script as it's my first, hopefully more to come!

ScalpMaster - V1
It's main feature is catch a bull run for volatile markets. Two main selling triggers ( CCI and TSSL) with an option to only sell after fees are met (for profit).

Built in Statistics and Back-testing
I've introduced my own version of backtesting built into the main script. You can disable it if it's too much, just makes it easier to dial the settings in and compare with alert triggering. I've included this on all of my scripts.

***You will get a warning that this script repaints, however you can easily compare alerts against the labels. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe the repainting is due to the Global Stats Label at the end gets repainted to keep in the front. ***

Buy: When dialing in the script, watch the purple line above the source, when the current price crosses above this purple line then the buying trigger sets.
Sell: TSSL - Trailing Stop / Stop Limit, use available settings to manipulate behavior. It's meant to trail the bull run and sell once the price crosses the bottom tssl bar
Sell: CCI - Modify the FastMA and SlowMA settings
Sell: P+ - Above won't trigger until you are in the positive after the fees x2 are met. Great to keep your losses minimal. Combine this with a high Stop Loss for great results but might be waiting awhile for a profit.

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