FuriousFX Trading Confirmation List

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This is a simple script that allows user to define the confirmations, position them (pin them) to the top middle bottom left or right on the screen and check them off
Once the user checks the confirmation it changes from red or any other default color to green (indicating it has played out).

There are similar script out there but what makes this script unique is one how it is generated and more importantly the mechanism of changing color.. You also have the option to pick from a pick list in the options of how many (up to 10) confirmations you want to generate and you can define change them at any time..

To use this script simply do the following :
1) add it to your chart, double click on the default table
2)select the desired number of confirmations
3)Select the desired position and default colors (default is top right and dark red)
4)Define your criteria for confirmations in appropriate boxes by writing over the default values
5)Start using it, when you see your desired confirmation, double click on the table again and select "Confirmed?" check box.. Once selected the color of that confirmation will turn green...

This script is done to keep people disciplined and enter only according to their trading strategy, as we all know that the biggest reason why people lose in trading is impatience fear and greed...
This script attemps to solve problems of overtrading, entering too early or too late..
Hope you guys enjoy it..
Feel free to write comments for improvements or copy it for your needs.
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Added clean chart for better viewing

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