ICT True Day Range [MK]

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The indicator displays the following:

Vertical line day separator from 00:00 to 00:00 EST
High/Low lines for the days true range from 00:00 to EOD
Opening line from 00:00 EST to EOD
Opening line from 08:30 EST to EOD
Weekly Opening line from Sunday open at 18:00 EST to last bar in the week
Monday range high/low/mid line, which can be extended to EOW
Text displaying Days of the Week

All functions can be fully customized regarding color/style and line width.

Below shows image of indicator with day separator: (it didn't show on the main chart despite being enabled?)

All of the above are to be used to give the user all the tools necessary to analyze the following concepts which can be studied on ICTs you tube channel:

Weekly profile, eg, has the weekly manipulated below the weekly open to then rise the rest of the week?
Daily profile, eg, has the day manipulated below the daily open (00:00 EST) to then rise the rest of the day?
Daily liquidity grab, eg has the current day taken PDH/PDL at the start of the current day?
Daily targets, eg will the current day end up taking liquidity from the PDH/PDL?
Monday range, will Mondays high/low range act as the accumulation phase of the weekly AMD profile?
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday reversal, eg, does a day of the week line up with a HTF target and a high volatility news event which could see price reverse after the manipulation phase of the weekly AMD profile?
In strong trending markets, will the 0830 open line be used in the NY session as manipulation reference in the same manner as the 00:00 line is normally used?

The above examples of how the indicator 'could' be used are not the only ways to use the indicator.

The indicator is by no means a trading strategy on its own. Users should be fully aware of ICT concepts and have performed extensive back-testing before using the indicator with live accounts.
릴리즈 노트:
Updated to center 'Days of the Week'
릴리즈 노트:
fixed day range not updating with timezone setting
릴리즈 노트:
Added default timezone option 'America/New_York' so users of EST timings do not have to change from GMT-5 to GMT-4 when DST is applied in the US.
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