TSG's Binance Round NRs - only for BTC

This is good real-time / scalp indicator for those scalping Bitcoin.
It is based solely on Binance's BTCUSDT Perpetuals, but can be used on any BTCUSD pair as I am requesting info directly from Binance's chart.

I have spotted that many times, round nrs (most likely caused by algo-trading) mark a top / bottom on a trend. Many times have catched extremes because of this technique and I have now coded it into an indicator on TradingView.
Feel free to test it out - It's not a 100% strategy - but if you spot round nrs around confluences - your odds go up big time.

You are able to set the amount of candles you want to search for - default is 20.
Ofcourse we look only for extremes, therefore it will only look for extreme highs and lows within the amount of candles of your input.

The indicator will mark only the last High and Low matching the criteria - above and below the candle with the price number.

Good luck!

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