Autodrawn Support and Resistance Levels

Autodrawn Support and Resistance Levels is an indicator that helps traders identify key support and resistance levels on a chart. These levels are important because they can help traders make decisions about when to buy or sell an asset. The indicator uses three lookback periods to identify recent highs and lows and then draws lines at the highest support and resistance levels for those periods. The lines are color-coded, with green indicating support and red showing resistance. The thickness of the lines can also be adjusted to match a trader's preferences. The lines are updated automatically as new data is added to the chart, making it easy for traders to identify new levels of support and resistance as they emerge. Overall, this indicator is a helpful tool for traders who want to quickly and easily identify critical levels on a chart to inform their trading decisions.

By having one lookback period on a medium-term timeframe (e.g. 50), a short-term timeframe (e.g. 10), and a long-term timeframe (e.g. 300), it can be easier to identify support and resistance levels that are relevant to the current market trend, and see multiple critical levels at once. This can help you make more informed decisions about when to enter and exit trades, as well as where to set stop-loss orders. It may be valuable to consider that as shorter-term and longer-term support/resistance levels become closer together, it is more likely for there to be a reversal in the opposite direction.

This indicator is less useful in markets that have strong trends, where the horizontal support and resistance levels are likely to be less useful than trend line support and resistance levels, however it works well in sideways trading markets

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