Forex & Stock Daily WatchList And Screener [M]

Hi, this is a watchlist and screener indicator for Forex and Stocks.

This indicator is designed for traders who trade in the forex markets and monitor developments in indices and other currency pairs.

It includes information on 14 indices such as the volatility index, Baltic dry index, etc. You can customize the indices as you wish. The indices table contains the index's price (or points), daily change, stochastic value, and trend direction.

The second table is designed for trading forex and stock currency pairs.

In this table, you will find information such as price, volume, change, stochastic, RSI, trend direction, and MACD result for all traded pairs. You can customize all the currency pairs in this table as you wish, and you can also tailor the oscillator settings to your preferences.

In the settings section, you can use checkboxes to hide the pairs in both tables.

The "Customize" section in the settings allows you to personalize the table appearances according to your preferences.

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