3Commas Visible DCA Strategy

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This strategy consists of the following elements and can all be set by the user.

1. Entry by moving average cross.
1) Selection of moving average line.
- SMA ( Simple Moving Average )
- EMA ( Exponential Moving Average )
- HMA ( Hull Moving Average )
2) Selection of Cross over / Cross under

2. Add Entry by DCA(Dollar Cost Averaging)
- A DCA strategy is the practice of investing into a currency at preset intervals to reduce the entry price of a position over time and mitigate volatility risk.

For example,
Base Order = 10 Dollar at Price 100%
Safety Order1 = 20 Dollar at Price 90%
Safety Order2 = 40 Dollar at Price 80%

Average Price => Price 80~90%
thereby getting a better average price for your position and greatly reducing risks from the consequences of volatility .

3. Target Price and Stop Loss.
1) Target Price : Realize profits at % set from the average unit price.
2) Stop Loss : Stop Loss % set from the last safety order.

You can easily find out what's related by changing the setting value after setting the strategy.

This strategy has the following Good characteristics.

1. It informs you of the assets required according to DCA settings.
If you are short of assets, a warning sign will appear.

2. Amount of assets invested in each long entry and long entry close.

3. Visibility of the lowest purchase price line and DCA purchase location according to DCA setting.

easily check the values set in the backtest.
I hope it will help you. Thank you.
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Bug fixed
릴리즈 노트:
bug_fixed : about safety order
릴리즈 노트:
safety order fixed

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