The Price of Hard Money

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If we calculate “the price of hard money” (the market capitalization weighted price of gold plus Bitcoin); we get this chart.

Since 2017, Bitcoin’s share of hard money growth has been increasing, we can see it visibly on the gold chart by a widening delta between the price of hard money and the Gold price. We can also see some interesting technical behaviours.
In 2021, Hard Money broke out and held this breakout above the 2011 Gold high. Only later in 2022 did a correction of 20% occur – typical of Golds historic volatility in periods of inflation and high interest rates.
Hard Money is at major support and we have evidence for a fundamental shift in investor capital flows away from gold and into Bitcoin.

This Indicator is useful:
- To track the market capitalization of Gold (estimated), Bitcoin and combined market capitalization of Hard Money.
- To track the price action and respective change in investor flows from Gold to Bitcoin .

Provided Bitcoin continues to suck more value out of gold with time, this chart will be useful for tracking price action of the combined asset classes into the years to come.
릴리즈 노트:
Calculation fix and added option to select the Price of Hard Money baselined for either Bitcoin or Gold.

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