EFI 13 8

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study(title="EFI", shorttitle="EFI")

XLen1 = input(13, minval=1)
XLen2 = input(8, minval=1)
hline(0, color=gray, linestyle=line)
xValue = volume * (close - close)
xSMA1 = ema (xValue, XLen1)
xSMA2 = ema (xValue, XLen2)
plot(xSMA1, style = columns, color=aqua, title="SlowAvg")
plot(xSMA2, color=white, title="FastAvg")
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cool think about this is that the ema will float above the histogram on longs and below on shorts, i find it good on smaller time frame trades you can adjust the quick line to what suits to see cracking in volume+price.

also didn't write the original just found it in library and adjusted some setting full credit to the creator was looking for a efi that i would adjust for ages.
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