VPTbollfib & Camarilla (Danarilla)

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I do not own the original indicators. This is just a combination of the two because of their nature to work in a similar way.

Camarilla Pivots run on the basis of intraday range trading. Usually after daily open you look the fade whatever move happened before. by shorting R3/H3 levels or longing R3/L3. Targeting the other side of the range. This is the infamous PivotBoss level calculations and you would want to activate camarilla and turn off the normal pivots. They use the previous days volatility to plot the next days levels.

But what about some confirmation?

Well RafaelIzoni (who made it open source for improvement) threw together this VPTbollfib. It is volume price trend crossing down a fib line using bollinger bands as price envelope. The beauty of this is that It will signal usually counter to current price action based on selling into uptrends or vise versa. Meaning you get signals to counter price. Which is what you might be looking for on range day trade scalps for camarilla. A wick reversal or engulfing + volume based signal is a very happy pairing together. And those signals are usually suitable for the target of the range you are day trading. Hourly time frame works quite well for both. And camarilla should also be on daily settings.

Special Thanks to Nanda (who published the pivotboss indicator AND) Helped to merge the scripts together.

This indicator alone is an entire trade system. Camarilla already is. If you know the rules. it can be used for entries, exits, risk management to trade the range on TREND, COUNTER TREND, and BREAKOUT plays. The bollinger band fibs add confirmation to the trends levels. And the VPT adds a secondary confirmation to take a camarilla trade.

Try it out. I think you will find both the levels on camarilla and the VPT signals quite suprising.
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Version two of script combo I put out not long ago. This one has momentum confirmation arrows that trigger before a candle is even closed to confirm the movement. and also weed out false signals. Sometimes it can repaint but it is invaluable for small scalps and additional confirmation to get as good of entry as possible. Usually, you are in the correct areas to take a position. You see VPT signal and start a position. see the momentum arrow and pull the trigger with all three things firing off.

ALSO now include level 6 for breakouts
릴리즈 노트:
Final Update. The combination Of both Classic Camarilla meets the techniques of the PivotBoss. Encompassed by supporting Pivot boss features such as the ability to plot the futures levels. and the 4 EMA synced for the pivots themselves. and the VPT and momentum signals to see the movement before the first candle even finishes. Finally Outsite Features for scalping and confirmation such as LAzy Bears Waves trend signals and Dynamic channels and trendlines to top it all off. This indicator... camarilla alone can be a powerful tool and system for intraday trading. the weekly and monthly as well. The features I have added to this and these other wonderful indicators either compliment the nature of trading camarilla as confirmation, or second as a smaller timeframe scalping system that can go as low as the 5-15 minute. I hope everyone enjoys it. and if you want to learn more about camarilla or pivot trading feel free to search "camarilla pivot trading" on Tg. It is strictly and educational group.
릴리즈 노트:
just got rid of the background r and. s static levels
릴리즈 노트:
FINAL VERSION. ditches the 4ema. the security calls. and included some amazing features to help compliment the trading. We take no credit for original open-source indicators used within this. Those original creators had a lot of innovation. We just combined. altered and applied them. Thanks to bert for his generous time and assistance helping to make this amazing BEAST of an indicator. please feel free to like and comment for any questions. HAPPY TRADING!

릴리즈 노트:
added pivot boss outside reversal and extreme reversal signal options as well as the golden rope aka 200 ema moving average
릴리즈 노트:
This new version now also has the yearly CPR and camarilla levels. and shows development. If you notice bitcoin hit the H5 breakout target nearly exact this year. Crazy considering that level was plotted 365 days ago
릴리즈 노트:
Last one did not add it correctly

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