Triumph Channels

Channel uses @KivancOzbilgic's VIDYA script as a basis and the maximum distance between Least Square Moving Average (14) over a specified number of periods (80) as size.

This combination is good as it uses one very slow MA and one highly overlapping one. Can be combined with ATR channels where Triumph will represent extreme in relevance to the previous days and ATR channels will work with current volatility.

I like to offset channel sizing by 3, so when the price gets outside the channel, it doesn't get engulfed by the blue just yet.

If you zoom out, this is good to spotting sideways price action too. When there is a trend, it will be big. Then, it will remain low in the contraction phase and it will make it easier to find the areas of contraction and trend in retrospective and study them before placing a new trade.

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