Ehlers Combo Strategy

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🚀 Presenting the Enhanced Ehlers Combo Strategy 🚀
Hello Traders! 👋 I'm thrilled to share the latest version of the Ehlers Combo Strategy v2.0. This powerful algorithm combines Ehlers Elegant Oscillator, Decycler, Instantaneous Trendline, Spearman Rank, and introduces the Signal to Noise Ratio for even more precise trading signals.

📊 Strategy Highlights:
Ehlers Elegant Oscillator: Captures market momentum and turning points.
Ehlers Decycler: Filters out market noise for clearer trend signals.
Instantaneous Trendline: Offers a dynamic view of the market trend.
Spearman Rank: Analyzes market rank correlations for enhanced insights.
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): Filters out noise for more accurate signals.

💡 Key Features & Customizations:
Adaptive Length: Enable adaptive length based on the market's current conditions.
SNR Threshold: Set your desired SNR threshold for filtering signals.
Exit Length: Define the length for exit signals.

📈 Trading Signals:
Long Entry: Elegant Oscillator and Decycler cross above 0, source crosses above Decycler, source is greater than an increasing Instantaneous Trendline, Spearman Rank is positive, and SNR exceeds the threshold.
Long Exit: Source crosses below the Instantaneous Trendline after entering a long position.
Short Entry: Elegant Oscillator and Decycler cross below 0, source crosses below Decycler, source is less than a decreasing Instantaneous Trendline, Spearman Rank is negative, and SNR exceeds the threshold.
Short Exit: Source crosses above the Instantaneous Trendline after entering a short position.

📊 Insights & Enhancements:

Dynamic Length: The strategy adapts its length dynamically based on market conditions.
Improved SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio ensures better filtering of signals.
Enhanced Visualization: The Elegant Oscillator now features improved color coding for a clearer interpretation.

🚨 Disclaimer:
Trading involves risk, and this script should be used judiciously. It's not a guaranteed profit machine, but with careful use, it can be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Feel free to backtest, tweak, and make it your own! Let's conquer the markets together! 💪📈

🚀✨ Happy Trading! ✨🚀


🙌 Credits:
A big shoutout to the original contributors:
  • @blackcat1402
  • @cheatcountry
  • @DasanC

릴리즈 노트:
Improved plot structure
Fixed wrong comment
Removed superfluous strategy.order lines

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