This script works with the crossing of emas. The crossing of the ema 10 with the 25 is our input signal but we do not open an operation immediately, we wait for the backward movement that usually occurs until the ema or the space between the two emas. A further confirmation is the crossing of the previous emas with the ema 50, each confirmation is a possibility to expand our TP. The crossing of the ema 50 with the 200 can be used for a larger tp and a temporality of 4 hours is suggested to review this. The ema 200 and the 800 work strongly as support or resistance and the price usually goes to look for these emas. The parabolic sar is only used as a confirmation of the change of trend, as an alarm to be aware of the entry or exit of the trade. Avoid consolidations, operate in favor of the trend, do not forget to be clear that it is a support or resistance and can be used in any temporality. Remember, patience pays!
Sep 23
릴리즈 노트: The code is changed because the ema 100 appears instead of the 200 which is correct
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