X system

So how this system work ?
1. the bullish and bearish zones in lime and red are based on percent channel (you can modify it according to your needs) . this now is on 1 hour candles so I set it to 1% above and 3% bellow for BTC on bitmex.
2. we ha RSI super trend system which generate our buy and sell signals .
Since the Super trend is an RSI like it act like one as we can see when it go from high to low much more easy compare to regular super trend
One can optimize it to be full auto mode but it need more work to be much better and safe
This indicator aim is to help you in your decisions for buy and sell and I would not advise to use it as a bot but as a helper when you decide to buy and sell

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Can this be used as a trend confirmation?
Thank you for sharing.
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