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Here are my Bollinger Bands that come with 2 std dev bands and a variety of moving averages. The bands can have shading between the bands and the middle section can be shaded.

Moving Averages include:

Volume Weighted

Right now my 2 favorites are the Hull with a std dev of .5 and the Wilder with a std dev of 1.7 and 2.0.

You can get some really good signals buy putting both on the same chart. The faster Hull will move above and below the slower Wilder and show good price action.
릴리즈 노트:
Some cool updates here.
1. Added LinearRegression as a type for the midline.
2. Updated the PaintBars algorithm. It is now based on the midline slope.
3. Added the ability to assign price low and price high to the different bands. You can add the low price to the lower band and the high price to the upper band.

The chart below shows the slower band based on the Wilders MA with a setting of 70. The faster band is set to LinearRegression with a setting of 35. This is optimized ES 30 minute bars.

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