Altered True Strength Indicator (TSI)


Altered TSI provides a slightly more volatile signal that demonstrates extremities in price action with greater success than standard TSI. In addition, I added bull/bear cross indicators (green/red) to make it easier to notice the crosses to save time when the market is moving fast (I couldn't find a regular TSI script with this addition). Finally, the signal also has overextension parameters (red and green lines)

I think this is best used on Intraday time frames as the signals respond to volatility very well and using Heikin Ashi candles, trend is more visual. In this particular example, I am showing SPY on the 3m time chart (my favorite short time frame) and the signal alone provided many opportunities for trades when using simple divergences and countering overextension direction when short term (blue) signal crosses either

In the first example (purple lines), SPY ramps but it was a dull signal given the signal strength flatlining- we would be looking for a short entry. When the signal fires, it provides a clean $1.50 move down in spy .

In the second example (orange), the blue signal provides a nice V shape (rebound signal) in which we are looking for a long entry. 390.50 is a strong SPY support in confluence with 2nd std dev VWAP extension, but disregarding that bull signal fires resulting in a 2 dollar move upwards. Exit is provided when blue line crosses green overextension.

In the third example (white), we are searching for a short entry at 392.5 resistance in confluence with divergently higher highs. Bear cross signal when fired and a significant cross is visible provides a $2.50 move to the downside with a potential exit provided when blue line crosses red overextension line in confluence with previous LOD area.

In the fourth example (green), we watch as the blue line provides a V pattern, we are searching for a long entry. If you didn't take a riskier long at 2nd std dev VWAP overextension with V recovery on blue line at red overextension for a ride to vwap , then you are looking for a secondary entry long as you wouldn't take the trade at resistance ( vwap ). Bullishly divergent lows provide this entry and the signal does not bear cross at all (but looking for significant crosses is more important even if the signal were to make a minor bear cross). Bullishly divergent double bottom provides a long entry to end of day with a nice clean signal for a $5.00 move until eod or when signal crosses overextension range.

Ideally, close to the money options or SPY / SPXS / SPXL are best used in the intraday time frame.

Again, this is not a standalone indicator but it's best used in conjunction with other indicators/trading strategies

Any questions feel free to comment
릴리즈 노트:
  • Added Background Color Toggle
  • Added TSI cloud
  • Added toggle for TSI cloud

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