Combined Indicator by rocky verma

The combined indicator you've provided consists of three different indicator logics. Here's how to use it:

1. **Indicator 1: Trend Trader AVR Strategy**
- This indicator is based on the Trend Trader AVR Strategy.
- It uses three input parameters: `Length1`, `LengthMA1`, and `Multiplier1`.
- The indicator plots a moving average (`nResMA1`) and changes the bar color based on certain conditions.
- The conditions for changing the bar color are defined in the `pos1` variable.

2. **Indicator 2: HYE Trend Hunter**
- This indicator is based on the HYE Trend Hunter strategy.
- It uses various input parameters such as `slowtenkansenPeriod`, `slowkijunsenPeriod`, `fasttenkansenPeriod`, and `fastkijunsenPeriod`.
- The logic of this indicator is not fully provided in your code snippet, but it seems to calculate various values related to the HYE Trend Hunter strategy.

3. **Indicator 3: Phenom**
- This indicator provides EMA (Exponential Moving Average) lines with different lengths.
- It allows you to configure whether to display EMA lines and their colors.
- Additionally, it provides options to display stop loss levels based on ATR (Average True Range).

To use this combined indicator:

- Apply it to a chart in TradingView by copying the entire code snippet and pasting it into the Pine Script editor.
- Configure the input parameters for each of the three indicator logics as desired. You can adjust the input values in the indicator's settings panel on the chart.
- You can also modify the indicator's appearance by changing the plot colors or turning on/off specific components.
- Once you have configured the input parameters and appearance settings to your liking, you can then interpret the signals and information provided by the three indicator logics on the chart.

Keep in mind that this is a basic combination of the three indicators you provided, and it may require further customization to meet your specific trading strategy and preferences. Additionally, ensure you thoroughly understand the strategies and conditions used by each of the indicators to make informed trading decisions.
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