How to combine Indicators for trading?

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A simple post on how to combine indicators to have an edge.

1. Understand the Indicators and its function.
2. Understand the price action
3. Create rules, that work for "you"
4. Stick to the Plan.
5. Manage what we know.....

For eg.
1. Squeeze on Weekly - Chart is sideways
2. Top and Bottom Indicator works well in a sideways market.

3. We cannot apply the TOP&Bottom on weekly because, its range is tight. Therefore, we switch timeframe to find the swing, that's good enough to trade

4. In this case, Daily / 2Day chart will work.

5. Apply the top & bottom indicator to the weekly squeeze.

- Creating strategies / Analyzing charts will only constitute for a 15% of the trading game.
- Other 85% still remain on RISK MANAGEMENT.

Developing risk management ===> Developing rules for the strategy.

Uday C Santhakumar

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