XRP 숏 관점 보충설명

안녕하세요. 터틀코인입니다.

아까 급하게 올려드린 관점에 설명이 부족하여 추가 업로드합니다.

1. C파동이 확산터미널로 나온것으로 보임.(1-3추세 선 Fake Out)
2. 매물대가 존재함.
3. 이전 중요 지지라인의 저항(빨간색 SL LINE)
4. 손익비가 4:1 이상으로 매우좋음
5. 비트코인또한 하락으로 카운팅됨

노란색 부분에서 반 익적하였고 반은 SL LINE에 걸어두고 홀딩 계획입니다.



Hello. It's Turtlecoin.

I am uploading more because the explanation of the point of view that I hastily uploaded earlier is not enough.

1. It seems that the C wave came out in the shape of an expanding terminal. (1-3 trend line fake out)
2. A volume profile exists right above it.
3. Resistance of the previous important support line (SL LINE)
4. The profit-loss ratio is very good, over 4:1
5. Bitcoin also counts as SHORT

Response strategy
Half of the profit was realized in the yellow part, and the half is planned to be held by SL on the SL LINE and up to TP.

That is all.

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