XRPBTC - Going long for a longer play

POLONIEX:XRPBTC looks like it is in a good risk to reward position to go long on the weekly chart. The MACD is turning bullish if the weekly close confirms the crossover. Regardless, with the MACD already so low it would be pretty difficult to cross back down again without a major sell off. This is crypto, so I'll have to monitor that situation.

Stochastic RSI is also leaving oversold conditions and could provide some relief in the coming weeks.

As for the price, I'm expecting it to test resistance from the previous supports that failed recently. If you've looked at other ideas I've posted lately, you can see other altcoins hitting their previous supports that failed, and POLONIEX:XRPBTC has yet to do so. XRP has a cult like following and likely won't be lost in the bear market, so I'm thinking this is a great spot personally.

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