Gold is friends with Trump and Gold is curious of 1280

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We managed to close above the Gann election-line. That's bullish . Indication that Trump has made good friends with gold .
The target is the easy part. The hard part is to find the juicy low entry levels. I hold 1230 as my main entry point for longs. Good if we dip lower to get some more.
I expect us to be there between 12th and 14th of April. That would be just perfect.
Expect some either sideways or down movement the next few days, we hit some resistance and the dollar need to bounce at least a bit. Lets hope market gives us that chance.
코멘트: I was hoping for better entry at 1230, but never got it, maybe I will today and I can enjoy the rally to 1280. But target is almost reached, so longs should be considered closed soon :)
거래청산: 타겟 닿음: 1280 is reached.
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