FX:USDJPY   미국 달러 / 일본 엔
I will wait for the NFP data, and this might be potentially a nice trade for next week.
Wait for an impulsive break of this red triangle.
Then wait for a small consolidation on the hourly or 30min chart and go with the break.
On the downside i would like the bears to break 110.00 and establish below it.
I dont want to go with false breaks. Thats why i prefer to wait before entering.

Fundamentally its a little bit foggy right now, but honestly i am prefering the downside.
There seems to be some anxiousness in the stock and bond market, and this might unfold quickly into USDJPY falling aswell.
Watch the US10YR Yield if it breaks 2.30 thats a very bearish signal for usdjpy , it should go hand in hand with a break of 110.00.

As usual fundamental developments move the markets, so if you smell a certain mood in the markets and see a good R:R setup thats a good point to enter.



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