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It is necessary to check if it can rise above the 0.37715000 point around July 9.

I think the point that has a significant significance in the low section is 0.37715000.

If you can sideways a lot of time with support at the 0.37715000 point, a lot of upside is expected in the future.

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** Check support, resistance and abbreviation points.
** Support or resistance is based on the closing price of the 1D chart.
** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss on investment.

Description of abbreviations shown in chart
R: Resistance point or section, where a countermeasure is needed to preserve revenue.
S-L: Stop-Loss point or section
S: A point or section that can be purchased for profit generation as a support point or section
코멘트: We need to confirm who can get support at the point of 0.39896864.
If it falls, you should get support at 0.37715000.
I think that below 0.46466682 is the bottom section.
We need to see if we can rise above the 0.46466682 point and get support.
코멘트: I think it's good to get support and rise at 0.39896864 as much as possible.
You need to see if you can get support on the uptrend line or at 0.37715000.
You should also check if it can rise above the 0.46466682 point.
코멘트: Check support and resistance points.


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