Powerful Daily Affirmations to Transform Your Trading

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Powerful Daily Affirmations to Transform Your Trading

Daily affirmations are a widely practised method for attaining success and accelerating your ability to achieve goals.

The following affirmations are not stated for a sudden spark of inspiration, I want you all to take action and keep this positivity flowing throughout your entire trading journey.

I want you to write them down, pin them to your wall or print them off right now... Make sure you place them somewhere in view of your trading desk and read them every single day.

1. I believe in my trading strategy.
2. I naturally make smart investments.
3. I am not emotionally affected by my profits or losses.
4. I have a very healthy relationship with money, I treat money with respect and handle it with confidence.
5. I will do whatever it takes to reach my objectives, my goals and my vision.
6. I will only take trades that give me a reward which clearly outweighs my risk.
7. I will surround myself with successful, positive people.
8. My finances are always in order, I am always in control of my spending.
9. I invest in my trading education and in myself.
10. I will only trade what I understand, and won't allow anyone to manipulate my trading beliefs.

If you want to become a successful investor, you need to change your way of thinking.

What are your daily affirmations? Leave a comment below.

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