ETH on its way to 100 €

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With all the recent fiat struggle in 2016, 2017 will be the year of crypto. Once People start to realise their money is worth less everyday the more money will flow into crypto.

ETH made a tasty 7€ - 10.30€ jump in just 2-3 days.
We all have the opportunity to ride this train to the moon.

The crypto bear market is OVER.
코멘트: RENKO chart to identify trend reversals

코멘트: 0.0107 so far so good, we slowly leave the downtrend pitchfork. First Target 0.014 resistance
코멘트: Due to BTC votality you should expect bigger shakeouts. I´m buying all dips and sell them for 5% to reduce my base Price. I dont touch the long term Position. Trading EUR/ETH is also very lucrative to earn some fiat additionally
코멘트: BTC hit 5700 CNY which made ETH break through 0.0110.
BTC still can go down to 5500 but currently i use this opportunity to stack more cheap coins.

When BTC starts to retrace from those huge dumps expect huge FIAT/ETH increase, BTC/ETH sideways.
코멘트: We are about to form the thrid Renko block allready.

코멘트: current ETH/EUR comparsion and long term view

코멘트: ETH/EUR just passed through speed resistance and downtrend channel (upper green arrow)

Expect 25% gains, BTC target 0.015-0.0158
코멘트: Alt volume is very low this week. Now with Chinese New Year coming i dont expect too much movement here.

If we not pump before CNY we should extend the sideways consolidation for 10-14 bars.
so HODL!
코멘트: Probably the big wick down wasn´t the best point to attach the pitchfork, so here is a small adjustment.

코멘트: nice opportunity
20% capital alloc 4 x margin
stop loss @ 0.096-0.097 (stop loss might be killed by wick down, so better do it manually)
코멘트: it did not go down to 0.01. Currently BTC is pushing up, while ETH holds pretty close to 0.011.

As expected a month ago we can see some sideways during BTC rise, but if you also looked at fiat/ETH we see some really good gains. It´s worth to trade both pairs until BTC shows some weakness, so that ETH can finally increase its BTC value. Lets wait another week.
13 days left
코멘트: not much to say about this. we will see nice gains
코멘트: 12 € we hit, 88 € more to go lol
코멘트: we are going nutzz!!!
yesterday we hit highest market cap since 23th Jul 2016
코멘트: New 28 day Count
lets see how far we´ll go. FIAT/ETH Chart is mindblowing
코멘트: good to Close margins and hold only spot here. buy on pullbacks

80,50€ left to hit 100 €
코멘트: I think ETH will form a new bullflag here.

Possible entries could be 0.0143. Max downside shouldn't be no lower than 0.0135

Timeframe for reaching 0.0190+ should be by middle of April latest
코멘트: everyone involved into this: congratulations
코멘트: i will no longer update this chart. the trend continues


I agree it will probably hit a bump in the road at 0.0158 and the Renko chart is nifty :D
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Pato99 movethebeerdownstairs
@movethebeerdownstairs, thanks, it´s a very useful tool to have a second confirmation and we go higher higher every day. Looks very good for ETH
fulrik movethebeerdownstairs
@movethebeerdownstairs, very qualified guess you made sir.
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