BITTREX:ETHBTC   이더리움 / 비트코인

-3.15% loss 

Eth had been declining since middle of July so there was no tradeable section for a while and then we had a buy signal after that.
Had pretty large amount of volume (Dark yellow indicates that buy volume is greater) and it's considerably okay to say that good time to trade because its trend breakouts after Inverse H&S.
Eventually, as Bitcoin drops off after it breakouts previous high, all of alts that was going higher and higher tumble; which causes sell signal occurs for ETH.
It continuously declined after sell signal. And because sell signal occured way above the resistant line, the price hasn't reached where the sell signal occurs yet.
Had to cut the loss. Good loss cut though.

HODL vs Basel seed comparison graph (Invest-all. 0.1% of slippage and fee applied.) 

-2.39% loss

After it breakouts the box, Bitcoin shows pretty good trend there.
Volume follows (Dark yellow color in the background means Buy volume is greater) and buy signal occured.
The signal occured a little bit later than expected because volume came in a little late. (A lil disappointed tho) 
In order for BTC to keep going higher for short term, it had to hold support area near 6550. But it failed to hold it and additionally declined.
Sell signal occured as sell volume increases. But the sell signal occured above this support line so the price hasn't bounced back to where its sell signal occured yet.
It's-2.49% loss cut and feedback on this signal is that buy signal occured a little bit late.

HODL vs Basel seed comparison graph (Invest-all. 0.1% of slippage and fee applied.) 

51.36% Gain 

This algorithm is for swing trade which means it will give you a buy signal near ankle and sell signal near shoulder.
Volume followed a little bit late and it soared in a short period of time so buy signal occured a little bit late.
Buy signal was a little bit disappointing. But sell signal occured near shoulder area that volume getting declined so it's good.
If you are the one that sell very often just because u thought it's a highest price but then it turns out that it was somewhere near knee, pelvis, or belly point, then it's really hard to increase the total amount of balance on your account because of poor profit-loss ratio
Profit-loss ratio = average profit/ average loss

HODL vs Basel seed comparison graph (Invest-all. 0.1% of slippage and fee applied.) 

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