EOS(EOS) Update : In the middle of the uptrend cycle.

OK, hello everyone. It's been a while. Today there is someone who asking to me that analyze for EOS again, so I decide to write a post for him.

As in the previous post that I analyze that EOS , EOS has make a great price movement in recent time. It is a very positive signal to EOS , but it is difficult to say that's perfect. You can see a massive volume support at in the past uptrend started, but in a recent moving was not. We can understand for this in two ways.

S1. Recent moving is just a beginning, within a short time a large volume will appears.
S2. Recent moving is a different phenomenon, a smooth elliott impulse wave has started.

I think the first scenario is the better one. You can observe the 'truncation' in the most recent movements of EOS , I think it seems that somebody is dropping the price of EOS intentionally. It means a massive up rising will be coming soon. I have marked the elliott impulse with a green line on the chart, and the EOS price is expected to move along this path. When the EOS price reaches the impulse wave (2), a massive volume will appear and the price will move significantly.