DXY: ext fibo 1.27 is the first support .

TVC:DXY   미국 달러 커런시 인덱스
Hello, guys,

We know its expensive to trace a top or a bottom.

Because a trend need time to confirm if this is the end of it.Like audusd and nzdusd , traders all crazy about selling on the top without sl, and never admit wrong opinion to the fx market.

If you got the idea that you are in a weak group against , only stop loss can help you out.

DXY is under our list that if the is the end of the wedge which we had been following in last few weeks. But everytime we think could be the end , it drop more deeper.

I have my signals members suggestions that its better to entre a trade on Tuesday and leave out with profit before Friday. I totally agree on this idea. And for DXY , Im afraid that will drop more to ext fibo 1.27 till Tuesday.
Hopefully we would see dollars getting sideway from that.

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