NYMEX:CL1!   경질 원유 선물 (Light Crude Oil Futures)
because of some oversupply in oil inventories, reviving of shale oil and increasing drilling activity in US. I expect some downward pressure for crude oil before a raise in price due to OPEC's plan to cut down supply to raise oil prices.

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주문취소됨: there were no signal to sell on the selling area and price did not reach buy area.

Price broke thru and invalidated this ew count. new count will be uploaded.

Fundamentals still intact and with the release of OPEC monthly report strengthens the idea to go long in oil.


홈으로 스탁 스크리너 포렉스 스크리너 크립토 스크리너 이코노믹 캘린더 정보 차트 특징 프라이싱 프렌드 리퍼하기 하우스룰(내부규정) 헬프 센터 웹사이트 & 브로커 솔루션 위젯 차팅 솔루션 라이트웨이트 차팅 라이브러리 블로그 & 뉴스 트위터
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