BITCOIN: Bull Market or Bear Market? Next stop: 8,000 USD, then?

Hey guys :D

I've been away for 5 days - I have been super busy lately. Our company is growing, and we are in the process of hiring more people, getting new and bigger office with streaming studios and a new TV-studio. As I said last time, I can only promise to do my best to make charts every day for you guys - but when I am running a business full time also, it's not always easy to make many charts and updates every day - I know most of you guys understand that - and thank you for that.

I nailed every single Bitcoin chart the last weeks, and gave you a signal on RLC . I expected something huge from iExec's V2 Release after partnerships with Ubisoft, Intel and RSK . It didn't go up 150 % but it went up 24 % before it crashed. I told you 2(!!!) times to secure profit or move up your stop loss - To the few out there who were crying in the comment sections afterwards: Sorry I'm not your baby sitter, and you cannot expect me to click mouse buttons for you.. :)

Oh, Bitcoin - I have missed you. Let's now take a look at the 4h BTC /USD chart. First of all, I want you to pay attention to the low volatility we have been witnessing since May. The price is simply not moving much compared to the good old days - and especially the last 10 days have been bad. Also notice how little volume we have had. Only 2 days out of 19 have been above MA20 volume .

As you can see we are caught in a big triangle - we are making lower highs, but are also making higher lows. At this very moment we are inside an ascending wedge , which normally predicts we soon will see a retracement. This might very well happen, and we will then fall to 7,500 USD where we have a lot of support, and most likely will go up from there to 8,000-8,100 USD where we have Point Of Control and huge resistance.

BUT we have seen similar patterns fail again and again, and we might also see a Jack in The Box bounce up to 8k without any retracement.

Overall the chart is more bullish short term, also take a look at the bullish MACD-cross, which means the bulls slowly are gaining more momentum. When that is said, it is not super convincing.

Therefore expect the following for now:

1. We will soon go to 8,000 USD
2. Mid-term I'm also still bullish , and still believe its most likely that we will go into a bull market - The reason for that is most of all due to some Fundamental stuff. I will tell you more about that later on. I must admit though, that I thought we already now here in June would have been in a bull market, but low volume , low volatility and lack of greed has prolonged everything.

Thank you so much for listening to me - Hope you are happy to see me back. And please leave a LIKE - I really appreciate it :)

D4 Loves You <3
코멘트: Here is a close up, my friends. We cannot really brag of a lot of action at this very moment - but here are the 2 most likely scenarios I was describing for you before.

As you can see we are in the ascending wedge caught between the EMA50 and EMA100. We will most likely go to 8,049 USD.

I don't see us go below my red box - The bears are most likely waiting at 8,000 USD AND then we will finally have a classic fight between the bulls and the bears :)

D4 <3

코멘트: Good morning, guys :) So we are slowly starting to fall out of the wedge, and we didn't see the Jack in The Box-bounce like Ethereum managed to do yesterday.

You can see here on the 4 hour chart, that the bearish volume is increasing. BTC has found support at around 7,600 and the EMA50.

When that is said: Still very low volatility, and this is almost like watching a 8 hour long chess match. Nothing much has changed.

Still have strong support at 7,500-7,400 USD. If we fall through here we will go to 7,200 USD, and then most likely go up to 8,000 USD!

2 things you can count o:

1. Whales don't like this game at the moment.
2. And I promise to keep you updated

Thanks guys for listening - appreciate it :)

코멘트: There was the drop - We bounced at 7,514 USD! Let's see if that was enough...

코멘트: Bears are still in control, but are losing momentum. We have a Doji Candle now, and getting support at 50 % retrace. We might see a reversal now - we might also go a bit lower to 78,6 % retrace. I'm pretty convinced we still will go to 8,000 USD.

The bulls are waiting patiently at the moment to take over again. Remember there are always a probability, that we will go lower than my dotted up trend line, but I don't see it as likely.

I expect an attack from the bulls before - we might see a sudden spike any time.

코멘트: Still going according to the plan - and still seems like 8k is the target :)

D4 <3