$10k conjecture & mirror conjecture

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BTCUSD I'd like to propose 2 conjectures.

1. BTC chart is reproducing mirror image after the $6k bottom. (I proposed this on 8 Feb at other site)

2. At every BTC future settement day BTC will be around $10k.
At the middle point of the settlement days BTC will reach its maximum or minimum points.

These two conjectures can reduce the number of paths BTC can take drastically.
Mar 16
코멘트: You can see my two conjectures are roughly satisfied so far. I expected BTC can choose between two paths (Green and Red) after this CBOE future settlement day.
BTC seems to take the red course now.
Mar 20
코멘트: BTC so far follows my conjectured course. But I expect now BTC will rise more rapidly than the red bars.
Mar 22
코멘트: You see the striking similarity with the red bars except for 2.5 day delays.
Mar 29
코멘트: Now the 10k conjecture is broken. But you see the success.
I just sold. It's going to 4k either this month or next.
The mirror image of the left of 'V' is the green bars.
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