Bitcoin: approaching a possible panic sell-off ? 2017 VS 2013

2017, 2013.
Different crashing structures for different reasons (diff. market cap size, diff. average investor profile, diff. reason of crashing), but a same post peak market behaviour.
It seems that buyers and sellers are printing the same marks in this market when a peak is reached and the asset starts to be sold, following the break of the uptrend parabolic move.
The asset doesn't change, humans don't change, patterns remain familiar as we still behave the same when our reptilian brain feels greed, fear and panic.
Which is why we should expect downside to happen in a near future, if we keep on repeating the same patterns in this crashing cycle.
Smma's are starting to print the same pattern as well.
Last chance for this sell-off pattern not to happen would be the witnessing of very important and sudden massive buys from institutions and countries, but this is extremely unlikely to happen, for a lot of reasons. But why not, i am open to every sort of opinions and ideas.
Or, this 2017 crash could also be an early 2013 pre-rally type, that precedes a monstruous incoming rally, but the visible huge bubble crashing structure is telling us that this is unlikely, but why not.
I am extremely curious to see if this capitulation sell-off pattern is about to occur soon (or not to occur at all) in a 2014 copy cat sell-off pattern type.
So far Bitcoin reproduced exactly the same type of local patterns during these two crashes even if their structures are cousins and not clones (see the TA regarding the golden cross and death cross creating the exact same reaction with a bear trap and a bull trap).
Let us see what happens next.

코멘트: Easie squeezie bollinger bandie.
I hope you are buckled tight and safely, because we are going to move kinda soon.
코멘트: Hidden bearish divergence took effect.
Under the 200 Smma again.
If it goes below the triangle trendline, prepare for this whole TA to be valid.
코멘트: Let's see if it createsa fakeout, but it went so deep below the triangle support that it's very unlikely to see a fakeout appearing in there.
코멘트: Again,
액티브 트레이드: Idea still active.
Currently on holidays, i will create a new -needed- TA on Sunday.
Take care and watch out with the falling knives and over bullish ideas that you see anywhere, there are no miracles and no institution money coming in.
액티브 트레이드: Back from holidays: everyone and his mother is saying Btc is bottoming?
Did i miss something? Or did they not witness the previous Btc bubbles?
Im very pleased to realise people can be genius enough to witness they are inside a bottom in direct live, i thought it was not possible. Congrats Trading view and Twitter 6 months traders.
Beware, i mean, seriously.