Hey Everyone,

I am back! I have had a night off and got some sleep! Oh how the world looks better after a full night's sleep!

I am going to start with a story, I am also a screenwriter and novelist, so if you just want the analysis please skip this bit :)

BTC has had her ups and downs lately, but very very soon she is about to face the moment of decision where she is face to face with Mr. Blue Eyes...
You know those crazy feelings you have when you are wondering where a relationship might go, this is how BTC is feeling right now, she has a few pathways she could follow...

1. This is the path to ultimate bliss, cloud nine.
2. She's taking it slow, she thinks this is the real deal and doesn't want to ruin a good thing, she's going to take it slow.
3. Mr. Blue eyes is nothing like she expected, RUN BTC RUN.

So these are the crazy feelings BTC is experiencing right now, it is all part of the thought process when you are about to meet someone for the first time... will they like me, and if they don't like me, why not? Silly questions really but they come from all the insecurities we feel from past relationships, unfortunately no matter how hard we try, we all carry some sort of baggage with us.
So this is where BTC stands right now, she has had lot's of conversations, messages and moments with Mr. Blue Eyes, but later this week, that moment where BTC makes her decision as to which way she decides to go...


BTC is in a 5 wave impulse - right now it it not feeling like a wave 3, due to lack of strength and volume . We have the lowest volume right now for almost 30 days. Apart from a small spike here and there, it is declining. Our scenarios are as follows...

1. Small retrace after 5 waves to $7500
2. Deeper retrace to $7250 region (most likely in my opinion)
3. Bounce on long term trend line with break to lower levels - Next support levels $6850 - $6400 - $5950

So for now... Safe and happy trading!

(minimise your risk, use a stop loss. Especially in Margin Trades) ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa N Edwards - LNE


The Legal stuff - I'm not financial adviser. Just a few quick thoughts - remember you sit at your computer, you push the buttons...

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코멘트: We have had a 4th option overnight in BTC's life... it is the OMG run now option, but I think Mr.Blues can talk her Back to the 5 WAVE :)

Technically - could be an ABC with a retracement mid to lower 6s

(but in my opinion unlinkely as BTC really likes Mr. Blue Eyes)
코멘트: Leading Diagonal still in play target $7920 (range $7900-8100)
코멘트: Currently facing resistance in the triangle /wedge, I still believe BTC will try for $8000 and will be turned away at the 200EMA
코멘트: BTC showing signs of weakness as it is turned down from 100EMA, (purple) that it had just passed this morning.... 200EMA is looking harder and harder to reach... revised target $7,900 more sideways on the way. I have extended the EMA lines to project where the resistance might be
코멘트: Trend Line broken..... AGAIN.... next stop.... $6500.... if that is broken $6100
To me drop appears to be wave failure.... if shorting watch support levels for reversal, if waiting to go long, please wait and have patience for bounce
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I get a kick out of how wrong your charts are every time LMAO. ELLIOT WAVE IS A JOKE !
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sputnikent uncleFA7HER
@uncleFA7HER, why you so salty with life?
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LisaNEdwards uncleFA7HER
@uncleFA7HER, people who don't understand EW usually say things like this, and that is okay, it is just your opinon
uncleFA7HER LisaNEdwards
@LisaNEdwards, EW is subjective and can be drawn to meet any arbitrary price point. The rule-sets for EW are vague and lead to bad TA like this chart. They can be useful in combination with other tools, but alone, they will lead you astray more times then not, as evidence by your published records.
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miladniki uncleFA7HER
@uncleFA7HER, i dont think that you ever read charts ,just want to say something
uncleFA7HER miladniki
@miladniki, I do; you can check my profile and see how accurate my Crypto calls are. I'm just here pointing out the obvious. @LisaNEdwards charts are popular, she makes frequent calls, but it's almost comical how often they are wrong.
miladniki uncleFA7HER
@uncleFA7HER, 2397 followers ??? we are not agree.... i learned many things from her and nobody(NOBODY) can predict market ,,,accurate ??? i dont think so,,actuly i checked your idea ,,in 10/03/2018
uncleFA7HER miladniki
@miladniki, Also, many people predict markets accurately. And her TA's are ok, just very often wrong. If you're learning from her TA's, you're being lead astray.
miladniki uncleFA7HER
@uncleFA7HER, in 10/03/2018 you said (((BTC BUY ! - BULLISH ! VERY GOOD POSITION ))) when bitcoin was 8700 ,,,,,,,,then whats happend ????? so i dont thinks that you had accurate calls,,,,,

miladniki uncleFA7HER
@uncleFA7HER, anoother one is huge ,,,,,,,,(((XVG FUTURE; IT'S NOT TOO LATE)))) when xvg was 1463 ,,,now xvg is 518 ,,,,lllloooooolllll
so imagine a poor guy who listen to you and bought XVG (XVG FUTURE ) ,,,,anyway why you told me to check your profile while you had many *** calls.....lllloooollll