BTCUSD Weekly Basis, Hyman Minsky is back.

OK. Let's see it. Last year I analyzed that the BTC could be adjusted to $ 6000. And that's right.

I didn't mentioned Hyman Minsky Model in English. But in that korean post, i mentioned that BTC could follow the shape of the Hyman Minsky model of the book through similarity with the past chart.

The current BTC flows follow the trend of past charts since 2013. The wave, which rises from $ 6,000,got resistance again without breaking past downtrend line. Maybe we think this is the end of Elliott 5 wave and the corrective wave is proceeding, but if the buyer weakens gradually, it could open up the possibility of further decline like the Hyman Minsky Model.

If BTC Price is going to rise again after the corrective wave, you should look at whether it can break the downward trend line and update the peak. If btc doesn't show a powerful upward trend, you can see it as a return to normal price in the model. Bearish trend will be powerful than the past.

However, it is hard to be Himan Minsky model, but you should always open up all possibilities.

Risk management is required.
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