MASSIVE BULLTRAP INCOMING!!Does no one else see it?

Recently with the continuing downtrend that we are experiencing with bitcoin a Bulltrap will arise out of the ashes of the current market.
As you can see volume has continued to die off and is still dying, but if there is a rise in buyers (which will happen) what we will see is a massive Bulltrap luring in all traders alike and their mothers, price will quickly inflate to 10k, where we will see some profit taking and a selloff, but it may continue higher depending on how much velocity we have to keep it going which will then land us at 12k resistance what follows will be a bloodbath the likes of never seen before and bitcoin will bleed till it is no more. We will see a massive selloff which will take us back down to 8k but wont stop there. And then finally there will be a return to mean and price will stabilize around 5k resistance probably dropping further down along the way. Volume will continue to go lower and lower. I expect us to stay in the green of the pitchfork , which aligns with our current trend that we are already in. I expect btc to slowly die off as more and more worthy coins come forward to replace this old horse, along with more and more exchanges coming out with fiat pairs and the like, this may be the end of Bitcoin controlling the market with an iron grip and its grip is already loosening.

We already know the price/ volume of btc has been massively inflated by the exchanges and institutional investors thus this was bound to happen if you don't see the manipulation at play then I have news for you!

Let me know if this was an eyeopener to some of you optimists in this bear market, any feedback is appreciated!!

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Thx for the good work, but I recommend you to post in Korean (and in English as well), otherwise your postings might get blocked because one of the basic House Rules are to use Korean in TradingView Korea. If you don't know how to write in Korean, let me know and I can give you a help.
SaintDank ehaerim
@ehaerim, hey thanks for letting me know and I don't know how to write it Korean how do I do it?
ehaerim SaintDank
@SaintDank, first of all, can you write in Korean? If so, you need a keyboard with Korean support, and you have to change your window's settings to use Korean keyboard.
SaintDank ehaerim
@ehaerim, I can't write in korean actually
When to enter altcoins? My guess is btc drops to 2500-3500. What do you think?
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