BTC Potential Inverse Head & Shoulder with target @ 17,000usd

BTC still have one more leg up before we can see potential fall.

Expecting the last leg to terminate around 9900usd, then retracement will set in.

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거래청산: 스탑 닿음: #Possible expectation

Note Black dotted lines are the potential supports lines.

Supports to watch for are:

액티브 트레이드: Sorry guys wrong update this trade remain active
액티브 트레이드: Major level to watch for immediate reversal as price re-testing major suppor level(TRENDLINE)


액티브 트레이드:
액티브 트레이드: Good news everywhere guys

액티브 트레이드: We bounced off the trendline.

액티브 트레이드: Updated post opened to follow the current market effect.

액티브 트레이드: Bottom of wave 4 seems to be established around 6885$. But there is every possibility of re-test of this level again. So we highlighted 6770 to 6885 to be our bottom for wave 4.
Next target for wave 5 is 9900 level.

액티브 트레이드: BTC forming bear flag which expected to breakup. Here is how it look.

액티브 트레이드:
액티브 트레이드: Finally, BTC was hit with bombshell of ETF decision date been shifted and the whole market go crazy, which broke down 6850 with full force and broke the last standing 6800 level.

Now we have a new scenario in play as next support level lies between 6300-6100.

We may have possible re-test on the previous level at 6800 before further drop.

액티브 트레이드: Hi guys

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weslad Kool_Keith
@Kool_Keith, everything just coming out at same time. hmmm Whales games
+2 응답
@weslad, it's crazy. The top two stories on CCN. One overwhelmingly positive and one overwhelmingly negative
i must be the last bull standing, i sstill think this is valid at the moment

+1 응답
weslad jamesasb
@jamesasb, Staying above 7000$ means a lot for the bull.
+1 응답
Thank you for sharing this with us!
+1 응답
weslad MLcryptotrading
@MLcryptotrading, you are welcome, we may be wrong too, but just some headup. Let keep an eyes on it and see how it play out.
+1 응답
thanks for sharing Mr wes :) exciting to see how it plays out
+1 응답
weslad BigboobBillionaire
@BigboobBillionaire, thank you, let hope for the best
+1 응답
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