아이에이(038880)에 대해 불성실 공시법인 지정을 예고

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KRX:038880   아이에이
한국거래소 코스닥시장본부는 1일 아이에이(038880)에 대해 불성실 공시법인 지정을 예고했다. 사유는 소송 등의 판결·결정 지연 공시다. 하지만 2022년 12월 전년동기 대비 연결기준 매출액은 8.6% 감소, 영업이익 적자전환, 당기순이익 적자전환. 중국기술용역 감소로 인해 매출액이 감소하였으며, 영업이익과 당기순이익 또한 잇따라 적자로 전환함.
목표가 1,000원
Strong Buy

On the 1st, the KOSDAQ Market Division of the Korea Exchange (KRX) announced its intention to designate AI Corporation (038880) as a company with inadequate disclosure practices. The reason behind this decision is the delayed disclosure of litigation-related judgments and decisions.

However, in December 2022, the company's consolidated revenue decreased by 8.6% compared to the same period the previous year. Operating profit and net profit both turned into deficits. The decrease in revenue can be attributed to the decline in Chinese technical services. As a result, the company experienced consecutive deficits in operating profit and net profit.

With a target price of 1,000 won, this stock is considered a "Strong Buy" recommendation.

JW Park, (369 Traders)
액티브 트레이드:
Strong Buy
거래청산: 스탑 닿음

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