RSI DINGUE - 3³ Divergence

This is the updated version for PineScript V5

3x RSI indicator into 1. You can turn on or off all of them.

Each RSI has 2 individual Moving Averages that can also be changed to be "Full RSI" in the settings.

This makes 3x3 = 9 indicators on screen at the same time. (you can turn them on or off)

It has Bullish and Bearish divergence and hidden divergence as well.

Several visual options to show crosses between RSIs and or MAs fill in colors, background colors, midline. Overbought and Oversold levels with signals when entry and exit.


In closing, no indicator can give perfect signals, you need to use them in conjunction with other information to make better decisions.
I hope you like my indicators and that they help your trading.

If you have any questions please ask.

Thank you.

The key to trading is in how you manage your risk.

Trust the Math first, not the chart.
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