Zigzag Array Experimental

This is experimental script for zigzag which uses type, method and array. Not recommend for actual usage, for pine script study maybe useful.

In this experiment, I use type as coded below. It seems have limitation as specially when push as array. As Trading View recommendation, pushing float and int into array especially for type not guarantee to work. I agree with that. Preferred to push array as line or label especially for types.

// @type        Used for point especially for array
// @field x     int value for bar_index   
// @field y     float value for price
// @field sty   label style
// @field col   color for text label
// @field str   high or low string
type point
    int          x = na
    float        y = na
    string     sty = na
    color      col = na
    string     str = na

I simulate the arrays as below.
var dirLine  =<line>()
var dirLabel =<label>()
var dirPoint =<point>()
dirLabel.unshift(zigzag.createLabel(fontSize, 0, true))
dirLine.unshift(zigzag.createLine(width, switchLine, 0, true))

Here are some results.

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