VDUB_BINARY_PRO_3_V1 UPGRADE from binary PRO 1 / testing/ / experimental / Trade the curves / Highs -Lows / Band cross over/ Testing using heikin ashi
// Linear Regression Curve
//Centre band
//CM_Gann Swing HighLow V2/Modified////// MA input NOT WORKING ! - I broke it :s
//Vdub_Tetris_V2/ Modified

*Update Tip /Optional
Set the centre band to '34 to run centre line
오픈 소스 스크립트

진정한 TradingView의 정신에 따라, 이 스크립트의 작성자는 스크립트를 오픈소스로 게시했기에 거래자들이 이해하고 확인할 수 있습니다. 작가님께 건배! 스크립트를 무료로 사용할 수 있지만, 게시물에서 이 코드를 재사용하는 것은 하우스룰을 따릅니다. 당신은 스크립트를 차트에 사용하기 위해 그것을 즐겨찾기 할 수 있습니다.

차트에 이 스크립트를 사용하시겠습니까?
study(title="VDUB_BINARY_PRO_3", shorttitle="VDUB_BINARY_PRO_3", overlay=true)
source = close
length = input(56, minval=1, title = "WMA Length")
atrlen = input(100, minval=1, title = "ATR Length")
mult1 = 2
mult2 = 3
ma = wma(source, length)
range =  tr
rangema = wma(range, atrlen)

up1 = ma + rangema * mult1
up2 = ma + rangema * mult2

dn1 = ma - rangema * mult1
dn2 = ma - rangema * mult2

color1 = white
color2 = white

u4 = plot(up1, color = color1)
u8 = plot(up2, color = color2)

d4 = plot(dn1, color = color1)
d8 = plot(dn2, color = color2)

fill(u8, u4, color=#30628E, transp=50)
fill(d8, d4, color=#30628E, transp=50)
fill(d4, u4, color=#128E89, transp=50)

//Linear regression band
src = close
nlookback = input (defval = 20, minval = 1, title = "Number of Lookback")
scale = input(defval=1,  title="scale of ATR")
nATR = input(defval = 14, title="ATR Parameter")

//Linear Regression Curve
lrc = linreg(src, nlookback, 0)
lrc_u = lrc + scale*atr(nATR)
lrc_l = lrc - scale*atr(nATR)
plot(lrc, color = blue, style = line, linewidth = 3)
//Center band
periods=input(13, minval=1, title="MA Period")
pc = input(true, title="MA BAND")

hld = iff(close > sma(high,periods)[1], 1, iff(close<sma(low,periods)[1],-1, 0))
hlv = valuewhen(hld != 0, hld, 1)

hi = pc and hlv == -1 ? sma(high, periods) : na
lo = pc and hlv == 1 ? sma(low,periods) : na
plot(avg(sma(high,periods)+2.5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)),sma(low,periods)-2.5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods))), color=navy, style=line,linewidth=3)
plot(pc and sma(high, periods) ? sma(high, periods):na ,title="Swing High Plot", color=black,style=line, linewidth=3)
plot(pc and sma(low,periods) ? sma(low,periods) : na ,title="Swing Low Plot", color=black,style=line, linewidth=3)

//CM_Gann Swing HighLow V2/Modified//////   MA input NOT WORKING !!!!   ?
periods2=input(9, minval=1, title="Moving Average Period")
pttb = input(true, title="Trend Indicator")
//shb = input(false)
sbh = input(false, title="Background MA crossover bars")
//code for Calculations
hld2 = iff(close > sma(high,periods)[1], 1, iff(close<sma(low,periods)[1],-1, 0))
hlv2 = valuewhen(hld2 != 0, hld2, 1)
//code for Plot Statements
hi2 = hlv2 == -1 ? sma(high, periods) : na
lo2 = hlv2 == 1 ? sma(low,periods) : na

//Rules for coloring Background highlights & Highlight Bars
//closeAbove() => shb and close > hi2 and close[1] < hi2
BHcloseAbove = sbh and close > hi2 and close[1] < hi2
//closeBelow() => shb and close < lo2 and close[1] > lo2
BHcloseBelow = sbh and close < lo2 and close[1] > lo2

bgcolor(BHcloseAbove ? green : na, transp=60)
bgcolor(BHcloseBelow ? red : na, transp=60)

plotshape(pttb and hi2 ? hi2: na,title="Gann Swing High Plots-Triangles Down Top of Screen", offset=0, style=shape.triangledown, location=location.top, color=red, transp=0)
plotshape(pttb and lo2 ? lo2 : na, title="Gann Swing Low Plots-Triangles Up Bottom of Screen",offset=0, style=shape.triangleup, location=location.top, color=lime, transp=0)
//study("Vdub_Tetris_V2", overlay=true)
Sml_Channel_TF_mins_D_W_M = input("W")
Range2 = input(1)

SELL = security(tickerid, Sml_Channel_TF_mins_D_W_M, highest(Range2))
BUY = security(tickerid, Sml_Channel_TF_mins_D_W_M, lowest(Range2))

HI = plot(SELL, color=SELL!=SELL[1]?na:red,linewidth=2 )
LO = plot(BUY, color=BUY!=BUY[1]?na:green,linewidth=2 )
fill(HI, LO, color=#E3CAF1, transp=100)
Hcon = high >= SELL
Lcon = low <= BUY

plotshape(Hcon, style=shape.triangledown, color=maroon, location=location.abovebar)
plotshape(Lcon, style=shape.triangleup, color=green, location=location.belowbar)
range2 = SELL-BUY



Question: How often to indicators appear, and then quickly disappear, or perhaps even disappear minutes later? Or, do they stay on the chart no matter what. Thanks.
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how do we change the centre band? whats the actual name for it in the config?
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whogivesashit whogivesashit
@whogivesashit, if its the ma, i think i got it
Very useful tool for Binary! I love how well it helps with finding signals for reversals so I can get in and out with maximum potential in profits. Keep up the great work!
Thank you @DMC :)
hi friend,
Please anybody can share me that how can use this script on chart , please share step by step method.
i don't know , I got this to work- I think its great.
Thanks. I am beginner. Do you have any video or document explaining the chart indicator? It be very helpful.
Hi! Nice share!
But... What is the

Entry rules
Exit rules?
Signal rules?
vdubus Mberg
Thank you it' works more on the lines of Bollinger bands, not one of my better ones. treat it just as an indicator not a strategy, so no rules