PSv5 3D Array/Matrix Super Hack

"In a world of ever pervasive and universal deceit, telling a simple truth is considered a revolutionary act."

First, how about a little bit of philosophic poetry with another dimension applied to it?

The "matrix of control" is everywhere...

It is all around us, even now in the very place you reside. You can see it when you look at your digitized window outwards into the world, or when you turn on regularly scheduled television "programs" to watch news narratives and movies that subliminally influence your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You have felt it every time you have clocked into dead end job workplaces... when you unknowingly worshiped on the conformancy alter to cultish ideologies... and when you pay your taxes to a godvernment that is poisoning you softly and quietly by injecting your mind and body with (psyOps + toxicCompounds). It is a fictitiously generated world view that has been pulled over your eyes to blindfold, censor, and mentally prostrate you from spiritually hearing the real truth.

What TRUTH you must wonder? That you are cognitively enslaved, like everyone else. You were born into mental bondage, born into an illusory societal prison complex that you are entirely incapable of smelling, tasting, or touching. Its a contrived monetary prison enterprise for your mind and eternal soul, built by pretending politicians, corporate CONartists, and NonGoverning parasitic Organizations deploying any means of infiltration and deception by using every tactic unimaginable. You are slowly being convinced into becoming a genetically altered cyborg by acclimation, socially engineered and chipped to eventually no longer be 100% human.

Unfortunately no one can be told eloquently enough in words what the matrix of control truly is. You have to experience it and witness it for yourself. This is your chance to program a future paradigm that doesn't yet exist. After visiting here, there is absolutely no turning back. You can continually take the blue pill BIGpharmacide wants you to repeatedly intake. The story ends if you continually sleep walk through a 2D hologram life, believing whatever you wish to believe until you cease to exist. OR, you can take the red pill challenge, explore "question every single thing" wonderland, program your arse off with 3D capabilities, ultimately ascertaining a new mathematical empyrean. Only then can you fully awaken to discover how deep the rabbit hole state of affairs transpire worldwide with a genuine open mind.

Remember, all I'm offering is a mathematical truth, nothing more...

With that being said above, it is now time for advanced developers to start creating their own matrix constructs in 3D, in Pine, just as the universe is created spatially. For those of you who instantly know what this script's potential is easily capable of, you already know what you have to do with it. While this is simplistically just a 3D array for either integers or floats, additional companion functions can in the future be constructed by other members to provide a more complete matrix/array library for millions of folks on TV. I do encourage the most courageous of mathemagicians on TV to do so. I have been employing very large 2D/3D array structures for quite some time, and their utility seems to be of great benefit. Discovering that for myself, I fully realized that Pine is incomplete and must be provided with this agility to process complex datasets that traders WILL use in the future. Mark my words!

While I have long realized and theorized this code for a great duration of time, I was finally able to turn it into a Pine reality with the assistance and training of an "artificially intuitive" program while probing its aptitude. Even though it knows virtually nothing about Pine Script 4.0 or 5.0 syntax, functions, and behavior, I was able to conjure code into an identity similar to what you see now within a few minutes. Close enough for me! Many manual edits later for pine compliance, and I had it in chart, presto!

While most people consider the service to be an "AI", it didn't pass my Pine Turing test. I did have to repeatedly correct it, suffered through numerous apologies from it, was forced to use specifically tailored words, and also rationally debate AND argued with it. It is a handy helper but beware of generating Pine code from it, trust me on this one. However... this artificially intuitive service is currently available in its infancy as version 3. Version 4 most likely will have more diversity to enhance my algorithmic expertise of Pine wizardry. I do have to thank E.M. and his developers for an eye opening experience, or NONE of this code below would be available as you now witness it today.

As of this initial release, Pine only supports 100,000 array elements maximum. For example, when using this code, a 50x50x40 element configuration will exceed this limit, but 50x50x39 will work. You will always have to keep that in mind during development. Running that size of an array structure on every single bar will most likely time out within 20-40 seconds. This is not the most efficient method compared to a real native 3D array in action. Ehlers adepts, this might not be 100% of what you require to "move forward". You can try, but head room with a low ceiling currently will be challenging to walk in for now, even with extremely optimized Pine code.

A few common functions are provided, but this can be extended extensively later if you choose to undertake that endeavor. Use the code as is and/or however you deem necessary. Any TV member is granted absolute freedom to do what they wish as they please. I ultimately wish to eventually see a fully equipped library version for both matrix3D AND array3D created by collaborative efforts that will probably require many Pine poets testing collectively. This is just a bare bones prototype until that day arrives. Considerably more computational server power will be required also. Anyways, I hope you shall find this code somewhat useful.

Notice: Unfortunately, I will not provide any integration support into members projects at all. I have my own projects that require too much of my time already.

The creation of very large coefficient 3D caches/buffers specifically at bar_index==0 can dramatically increase runtime agility for thousands of bars onwards. Generating 1000s of values once and just accessing those generated values is much faster. Also, when running dozens of algorithms simultaneously, a record of performance statistics can be kept, self-analyzed, and visually presented to the developer/user. And, everything else under the sun can be created beyond a developers wildest dreams...

Free your mind!!! And unleash weapons of mass financial creation upon the earth for all to utilize via the "Power of Pine". Flying monkeys and minions are waging economic sabotage upon humanity, decimating markets and exchanges. You can always see it your market charts when things go horribly wrong. This is going to be an astronomical technical challenge to continually navigate very choppy financial markets that are increasingly becoming more and more unstable and volatile. Ordinary one plot algorithms simply are not enough anymore. Statistics and analysis sits above everything imagined. This includes banking, godvernment, corporations, REAL science, technology, health, medicine, transportation, energy, food, etc... We have a unique perspective of the world that most people will never get to see, depending on where you look. With an ever increasingly complex world in constant dynamic flux, novel ways to process data intricately MUST emerge into existence in order to tackle phenomenal tasks required in the future. Achieving data analysis in 3D forms is just one lonely step of many more to come.

At this time the WesternEconomicFraudsters and the WorldHealthOrders are attempting to destroy/reset the world's financial status in order to rain in chaos upon most nations, causing asset devaluation and hyper-inflation. Every form of deception, infiltration, and theft is occurring with a result of destroyed wealth in preparation to consolidate it. Open discussions, available to the public, by world leaders/moguls are fantasizing about new dystopian system as a one size fits all nations solution of digitalID combined with programmableDemonicCurrencies to usher in a new form of obedient servitude to a unipolar digitized hegemony of monetary vampires. If they do succeed with economic conquest, as they have publicly stated, people will be converted into human cattle, herded within smart cities, you will own nothing, eat bugs for breakfast/lunch/dinner, live without heat during severe winter conditions, and be happy. They clearly haven't done the math, as they are far outnumbered by a ratio of 1 to millions. Sith Lords do not own planet Earth! The new world disorder of human exploitation will FAIL. History, my "greatest teacher" for decades reminds us over, and over, and over again, and what are time series for anyways? They are for an intense mathematical analysis of prior historical values/conditions in relation to today's values/conditions... I imagine one day we will be able to ask an all-seeing AI, "WHO IS TO BLAME AND WHY AND WHEN?" comprised of 300 pages in great detail with images, charts, and statistics.

What are the true costs of malignant lies? I will tell you... 64bit numbers are NOT even capable of calculating the extreme cost of pernicious lies and deceit. That's how gigantic this monstrous globalization problem has become and how awful the "matrix of control" truly is now. ALL nations need a monumental revision of its CODE OF ETHICS, and that's definitely a multi-dimensional problem that needs solved sooner than later. If it was up to me, economies and technology would be developed so extensively to eliminate scarcity and increase the standard of living so high, that the notion of war and conflict would be considered irrelevant and extremely appalling to the future generations of humanity, our grandchildren born and unborn. The future will not be owned and operated by geriatric robber barons destined to expire quickly. The future will most likely be intensely "guided" by intelligent open source algorithms that youthful generations will inherit as their birth right.

P.S. Don't give me that politco-my-diction crap speech below in comments. If they weren't meddling with economics mucking up 100% of our chart results in 100% of tickers, I wouldn't have any cause to analyze any effects generated by them, nor provide this script's code. I am performing my analytical homework, but have you? Do you you know WHY international affairs are in dire jeopardy? Without why, the "Power of Pine" would have never existed as it specifically does today. I'm giving away much of my mental power generously to TV members so you are specifically empowered beyond most mathematical agilities commonly existing. I'm just a messenger of profound ideas. Loving and loathing of words is ALWAYS in the eye of beholders, and that's why the freedom of speech is enshrined as #1 in the constitutional code of the USA. Without it, this entire site might not have been allowed to exist from its founder's inceptions.
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