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The 9th yearly candle for the year of 2019 was closed and it still shows upward trend. This year would be very important.
The year-end BTC price was not closed higher than $8,600 which was a key level.
It is always important to see bigger picture.
In 2017, Amazing Rise ($19,500)
In 2018, Correction ($3,100)
In 2019, BTC price stayed above $3,100 (Correction in 2018) and touched $13,800 (Fibonacci 61.8% of $19,500 high in 2018)
Thus, it is very important whether the price breaks $13,800 (2019 High) and closes above $19,500 (2017 High).

There are many people whose position is short. But, SHORT itself is a hedging position only. 
At the end, it is the key when to enter LONG position.
This is how to read trend and the upward/downward trend is very important in Technical Anlaysis.
Not only people who did not read the trend change at $3,100 but also those who entered Short position at $6,000, could not survive. On the other hand, those who did not read the trend change above $12,000 and entered Long position did not survive either.
In short-term frames, it is possible to see trading opportunity only. We can not read trends.
The important trends must be analyzed by Long-Term frames and Support/Resistance .
Monthly chart still shows correction.  After 5-month Bull market, 6-month Correction is followed.
Strong Resistance Level is $7,800~8,000. Even if this level is broken, prices higher than $9,000 are all Resistance.
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Are you saying it ist going down on short term?
홈으로 스탁 스크리너 포렉스 스크리너 크립토 스크리너 이코노믹 캘린더 사용안내 차트 특징 프라이싱 프렌드 리퍼하기 하우스룰(내부규정) 헬프 센터 웹사이트 & 브로커 솔루션 위젯 차팅 솔루션 라이트웨이트 차팅 라이브러리 블로그 & 뉴스 트위터
프로화일 프로화일설정 계정 및 빌링 프렌드 리퍼하기 나의 서포트 티켓 헬프 센터 공개아이디어 팔로어 팔로잉 비밀메시지 채팅 로그아웃